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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 17, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> the governor of connecticut is requesting all the churches in the state a week after the master to ring the bells and remember. that is for it "studio b" with jon scott later tonight on the fox report. >>neil: the funerals have begun and the seven for why all of this happened, just getting started. welcome,en, i am neil cavuto. as the first children of friday morning's connecticut school massacre are laid to rest, school districts around the country are doing everything they can to allay parents and students of their fear beefing you have their own emergency drills and benefiting up security including armed security. yes, guards with guns at schools that want them and need them. in a moment, the former head of security for the newtown school
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district. he knew the shooter very well. but, first, to rick with the latest. rick: this is a town full of broken hearts today going the long and difficult process of funerals and burying beginning with two six-year-old boys. jack pinto, a giants fan with lots of energy and determination , and noah pozner, whose twin sister survived. it may never re-open again as a school. that is to be determined. moving vans rolled up and hauled appear the desks and chairs and are relocating them to a former middle school in the town of monroe seven miles away where sandy hook survivors will resume their classes, possibly later this week. we are learning more of the 20-year-old shoot are described as a mere genius who took
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college courses at the age of 16, also described as socially awkward and struggling with as asperber's. he killed his mother and then gunned down tenth -- 20 kids and six women. he had enough rounds to kill every person in the building but killed himself as the police closed in. now they are combing through the young man's computer and other possible evidence and interviewing witnesses which will include the surviving children. >> i don't want to use the details of the tender issue, and i can tell you that any interviews with any children will be done with professionals, with parents and with investigators as appropriate. the investigators will determine how, when, where and why we will
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do this. >> this is a community that is still reeling with very dark and difficult days and weeks ahead. >>neil: thank you very much. in the meantime new calls to arm employees at schools in the wake of the shootings that a former secret service agent says could save lives. many are talking seriously about this. easeeasier said than done. >> would you rather a situation your child is in school and an amended gunman confronts someone unarmed or armed. we are not talking about turning the schools into armed camps but there is a reason we have armed security guards at banks, they attract an element that the bangs do not want. unfortunately, schools have now become a magnet for this type of activity. >>neil: i wonder about other
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schools where they did have procedures in place, including this one, buzzing the guests in, and all sorts safety systems that would at least deter bad guys from doing something. if you are loaded for bear and you have weapons, those systems are a moot point unless you do arm someone. >>guest: right, and i don't want to open up a wound that it could be slowly starting to heal this is devastating, but are we serious about security? what is a buzzing system really doing if most of the perpetrators who commit the crimes are people known to the school this i put out a release today regarding a service, a secret service study in conjunction with the department of education and over womenningly they are -- overwhelmingly they are people none by the schools. the secret service does this all the time, discreet security. when is the last time you saw a
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president with armed guards. but he is out of there safe. there are ways to do this. >>neil: what about a system in place that tries to make sure that even if you know people, you are screening people. in other words, whether metal detectors or the like, authorities at the school knew this boy, he was a former student, and, of course, from every indication he shot his way in there and what we are told had his way, but, how do you make sure that even those with whom you are familiar are screened? >>guest: well the problem with the school unlike an airport, the goal in an airport is to get to a plane, the goal of the school is just to get in the school. you will not shoot the operator of the equipment at the airport, but someone at the school will not go through the metal
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detector. your point is valid but with we have to look at is what we call at the secret service, how do we harden them up? when someone is committed and they are not going to be stopped, they are buzzed in, they have eliminated anyone in their way and they are the hallway, what do we do to harden the classroom and how do we make the big school, or a big box a small box? a lot of secure small boxes so they can harden up the classrooms and you can buy time. it is about buying time. time of a precious commodity to allow the first responders and special weapons teams to respond. >> thank you very much. former secret service agent. >> as a kid, adam lanza stood out it is said. a firm security director who knew him well and worried about him even more.
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>>neil: years before he became a killer, a loaner. quiet. my next guest remembers adam lanza in high school, he was an advisor for the school technology club which he was a member. he knew his mother, as well. also, he is head of security for the newtown school district and he could never have seen this coming with this particular young man. maybe you can tell us a little bit about the young adam we may not know. you knew him in high school and in this club. any recollections? >>guest: he was a very quiet boy. very small. thin. frail. gentle. loving. caring. but withdrawn and poor social kills. hard a hard time interacting
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with everyone including other teenagers. >>neil: was he picked on? >>guest: no. one thing we made sure of he was not. i have been asked that question before and the entire time that i knew him, elementary through high school, i can assure you he wasn't. he could have become a victim and that is why he had so much care given to him. >>neil: what did the technology club do? >>guest: video production. we ran a local access network, educational network. we republican a radio station through that same network. we went to the town people in the direct and through cable network so we did video production on a large scale, not as big as here but it was a lot of fun and it drew in a lot of children that loved technology
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so technology, today, includes video production on computer software and ed sitting -- ed sitting boards and cable wiring and lighting issues. he was involved in all of that. >>neil: was he good at it? >>guest: he was good at it. he was encouraged to come up to the high school through a program that was put in place where we would go to the middle school looking for recruits that would be coming to the high school and that is my first interacts would have begun with adam. >>neil: you knew his mother. >>guest: i did. >>imus: he would have a lot of concern, yours and others, expressed about not his behavior but his reclusiveness, and the
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mother would come to the school to address them with the school authorities, or what, exact happen? >>guest: yes, i have said more like an episode where his condition worsened and he withdrew into himself. in other words, his inability to communicate would get worse or to share what he was feeling would be worse. mrs. lanza was a wonderful parent who often was on campus for her son. >>neil: now the parent would have been divorced at this time. so he was living with his mom at this time, is that correct? >>guest: which time? >>neil: when he was in high school? >>guest: no, his family was together. >>neil: they were together at that time.
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>>guest: my believe is they were, yes. they may have been going, they were showing signs of family dysfunction as far as between the husband and wife that the children that comes out in a school setting and some may say they are not doing the math or english and why your grades go from 90's to f and a lot of kids show that with a divorce or difficulty in the home. there was some talk and you can sense if you are that close to the kids, what is going on, it could be related to home. however, i would like to point out that being at the high school that many hours involved in a technology club is their safety zone. they can be away from home where the problems are, they not on the streets. they are in the school system
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with wonderful administrator and support groups and security at their side, running around doing all kinds of fun activists so it would be a place where adam would have found a release from anything that was disturbing him. >>neil: remain other students scared of him? >>guest: no one was scared of him. he was the type that we had to worry about being victimized. the tech club environment which he was often involved in, where we spent our time together, was an environment comprised of very intellectual-mined kids high on the bell curve, loving, well raised, well respected, a lost respect for adults and peers the
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geeky type. i am smiling because i think that is a wonderful thing. they adopted him naughton like you would adopt any new freshman coming in but we understood he needed a little bit extra observation. >>neil: what you knew of the mom, does she every lay to you concern or a child that does not seem to be connecting or being part of the school? >>guest: i can make it clear that if my position as a director of security, the type of person in this case that decided to be on the ground each day rather than sitting in an office, as well as a person who would be spending a lot of time on her son in activity on-and-off campus and on the
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football fields, mrs. lanza and i did discuss adam's conditions and special needs. i, too, reached out and found out more and we had meetings used early when adam came to school with psychologists and aides and guidance counselors. he was afforded talented and good services to ensure that to some together he would be more successful each day he was this. >>neil: thank you, richard, we appreciate that. this were warning signs, did legal limits prevent school authorities from pursuing them? it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink,
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>> it was ever accident to me there was reluctance to tell parents and loved ones that the person they were waiting for was not going to return. that had gone on for a period of time well after there was any expectancy that families would be reunited. >>neil: remarks from governor malloy of connecticut what had to be unbearable grief for parent whose arrived at the school on friday only to find out their child was not among those coming out of the school. how much could we have known? how much could we have done? how much could be telegraphed to
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avoid this? we have a psycho therapist and attorney and security expert. as a security guy what do you do when you know there is concern about a particular young man who seemed even in the last segment as a young student, to have relayed odd behavior, but nothing more, just odd behavior. >>guest: i hate to say this but we have bad people in this world and evil people in this world who will do bad things at times no matter what the warning signs are and in this case there wasn't much oh than he did not fit in, in the class room, he seemed a little bit odd. but there is nothing there that law enforcement could have done or would have probably foreseen that we know about so far. >>neil: we could go the other way in an environment and you could look at it and say, well, we don't want to go on a witch
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hunt, do we? >>guest: you cannot go on a witch hunt for odd kids. even in order to get him in voluntary outpaint treatment which has been suggested, you would have to go to court and get a court order and get a judge do say, yes, you will now force this person to take medication and to see a therapist but in this particular case, who would have done that? it isn't that he threatened anyone in advance or that he was an active student in a school where his teacher could have said, okay, this child is very stubbed and he is making threats and we are afraid of him. >>neil: he did not make any threats he was more a potential subject of bullying, so, doctor, what are we obligated to do? it sounds like the system there did as much as it could be required to do from psychologist to bringing this introverted nature to the mom's attention.
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>>guest: it sounds like when he was in school something about the school structure was healing and keeping him together and now he is a kid who is in his 20's living if his mother's home and he is not working so there is a disability there, you have an intellect child who is isolated. this is where we need to lift the stigma of mental health issues and encourage families who are worried about their children even if they are adults and direct them to the appropriate places to get help. we cannot always predict violent behavior. we do live in an unpredictable world. if we do encourage families to not handle things alone and to reach out to people in the community who can help, perhaps things like this would be less likely to happen. >>neil: you think about it he was out school a while at 20 years old and nevertheless, a lot of peopled think they should have noticed more the how do you
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handle it if you have kids and you know their friends and you are not sure about it, where do you draw the line? >>guest: you draw the behind at what is legal. you have to act in the law, from law enforcement standpoint. can you not exceed that. >>neil: what does the law say if you have no prior history of violence or bad behavior, acting violently does not cut it. >>guest: this is a national discussion and we have to look to that, of how we will tell with people who are not falling in our society. what are we going to do? what can law enforcement do? what and can psychologists and lawyers do do make the discussion come to fruition to monitor the people with we have seen in the last six months or a year come forward and cause violent acts as well as tragedy. >>neil: what if they get through high school just fine,
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or college, and he dropped out and they are out in society and then what? >>guest: someone presents themselves as a danger. >>neil: but nothing telegraphed that. >>guest: no, reading between the lines can you not go to the judge and said, this guy is weird we want him to take medication. >> you are reading between the lines. >> you have to have a person that will do that. in this case, from what we know, he stayed in his house and his mother is the one that is teaching him how to use the guns she is not going to say, okay, my son is stubbed, let's give him medication. >> she should be. she should is said, my son, i am struggling here and i didn't hear that. also, it is the only time her son was feeling good in society and strong and virile is when she is teaching him who to use guns she is training him to be a killer and we may not want to say that. >>guest: we don't know what
4:27 pm
was happening privately in the house. the forensics of of the hard drive may tell us more. we know she was, the talk is she was looking for a school or a place to send him. why if because he was starting to act out at home? maybe it was her responsibility then to bring it forward to law enforcement or psychiatrist or a lawyer to then take the appropriate acts to get him committed and get him therapy. >>neil: and teaching someone does not make you a killer. >>guest: but it is disturbed. >>neil: it raises an issue from what i heard about the mother she was repeatedly at the school dealing with counselors knowing there were issues with her son but that is nothing parents want to hear l is some crazy kid watching this coverage, watching this national obsession with what happened in this down, and plotting probably something very similar. >>guest: if you are plotting
4:28 pm
something like this, you could not force them to go to therapy and you can hand them a battle of pills but you cannot force the pills down their let. if someone is sick enough they are going to give their own hive in order to do something horrific like what happened here, there is nothing you can do. >>neil: so all the gun laws and all the security measures the schools are taken, if someone is intent on doing something, really dastardly. >>guest: if someone violate as court order if they are intent on doing this. >>guest: it could happen, but, if that is happening and if someone is out there and someone knows about it, they should call law enforcement because law enforcement and lawyers and psychiatrists can do something for that individual and potentially stop a denver or connecticut from happening. >>guest: and we can make it possible for young men to feel good about themselves without needing to go on a spree-killing
4:29 pm
rage. we need to look at our society. we don't know the answer to that. >>neil: the victims' parents, they are enraged and looking for someone to blame. who? >>guest: that is tough. >> no one to blame. sometimes as we talk about, you go to norway, you go to the guy who went over the island and shot up the island killing all those young people, sometimes there is in explanation. sometimes overville happens and tragedies do happen without -- we want an answer but sometimes there is no answer. >> we need to find out what is causing this trend. the truth is we don't know. we need to find out. >>neil: thank you. in the meantime, a fiscal cliff deal? not quite, but interesting, a day after talking in newtown about a country coming together,
4:30 pm
the president and speaker boehner on a deal some thought was falling apart. maybe not.
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>> hours after getting bipartisan help connecticut, bipartisanship with president and speaker boehner meeting in person today at white house each with interesting compromises on the table including the speaker's reported willingness
4:34 pm
to let tax rates rise for those making $1 million or more and tying a deal to a possible hike in the debt ceiling. in return the president showing more flexibility on entitlement spending. how much is still very unclear. and now, what do we make of the developments and whether what happened in connecticut is what is spurring them on? >>guest: i think that is a good point. yes, i do think they are getting closer to a bipartisan compromise in light of the tragedy. the white house and speaker boehner's office are fought giving details about the meeting the speaker boehner and the president had. i have the sense that democrats are more optimistic in the outcome. speaker boehner's office is saying that they still don't think that president obama is as serious as they would like to see him on spending cuts. the white house tells me the lines of communication are open and they are still negotiating but the democrats thing a deal is closer now than republicans
4:35 pm
do. >>neil: obviously they aware in this environment you do thought want to look like you are pointing fingers and come maining. that makes it incumbent upon the republicans and the democrats to look like they are trying, which could explain why, today, they would be dealing? >>guest: they don't want to be pointing fingers at each other and they want did get a deal done and they don't want to hear a lot of criticism from their base. we have seen the club for growth and tea party groups are criticizing speaker boehner for this idea he is willing to give on tax rates but they don't want to hear the complaints. as we go to the next week, we will hear more from 9d base because they don't want to see the president give up more on spending cuts or entitlement reform so a lot of this is going on behind closed doors and we are not giving them the details.
4:36 pm
>>neil: what do you think went on at the meeting in obviously it is hours after the president spoke last night in connecticut. what do you think happened. >>guest: right new they fiddling with the amount of revenue they can raise if this deal. we saw speaker boehner put forth $800 if raising revenue. douse the white house said that wasn't enough with the first proposal at $1.6 trillion and the president came down to $1.4 trillion last week and now they trying to come up with a compromise on the amount of revenue they can raise. that is what they are trying to settle on before they talk spending cuts. >>neil: how ironic that would be, it take as tragedy to get us off the cliff. we will see. thank you. do you ask, how could god less this happen? how many times have you heard folks around the country ask that question again and again
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>> my little girl was so full of life and wanted a horse so badly and was going to get boot goes christmas and she is not coming home. i want to keep talking about her and...all the thing she loved to do. >> i found a journal and i opened the book and it was what i needed because it said i love you so much. it is like she knew we were going to need something to help us get through this. >>neil: we cannot imagine how something like this could happen to so many innocent little children. a lot of folks are asking, how
4:41 pm
could god let it happen? how could he let the beautiful children die? it is a natural question. the senior pastor of the potter's house will try to give us answers. what do you say, bishop? >>guest: first, what is deeper than the question is a place of pain it comes from, where we knell have a tendency to want to find a rational reason for this event and sometimes we need to hold someone responsible but god does not shoot guns. what we are asking god to do is take away human will. in reality, the freedom of will causes us to be creative and lets us create inventions and choose to make decisions on our own and that makes us unique but sometimes when we have that freedom of will and it goes
4:42 pm
awry, god created freedom of will and gave us a conscience and gave us voices to guide us on the process and 90 percent of the time it worked. in cases where they could be emotional or mental disturbances they go askew and in those cases, it cannd up in this type of tragedy. >>neil: you know, bishop, people hearing that and it is consoling but it will be little relief to the parents of the little boys and girls who could say yes, we believe in this idea of free will and man creates his own lot but you would thing new and then god would intervene. >>guest: i think what we really need to do is to take our thoughts down to the practical things that are in our reach as humans, to be our brother's keeper and watch out for people who are displaying emerge behaviors, to be able to identify them before this sort
4:43 pm
of thing begins to happen, and, then, i have to condition occur with the governor of connecticut what so eloquently said during the funeral that faith is a gift, it really truly is a gift and to those people who do have faith, of any kind, that is a gift and particularly for me as a christian to recognize faith does not mean there is no doubt, that there are no unresolved questions, faith is more effective when there are no rational reasons to explain itself, it lives itself to the revealed presence of god and to understand that and to walk in that and to believe it is so important of the faith can exist in the presence of doubt the way courage can exist in the presence of fear. people are conflicted. it will take time to process. we won't process this this week, the families willing not process for years. i cautious looking for quick answers it life which is
4:44 pm
complicated. >>neil: for those who are not religious and say, why should i be religious in a world where evil seems to have won more often lately whether it is a shooting like this or the shooting in colorado or a couple of weeks back at a shopping mall, indiscriminate, separate cases all, i grant you, but it reinforces the view held by some that the world is a bad place and no one is looking over us. what did you say? >>guest: well, to those people who feel that way, my response would be the stats proven you wrong. the truth is, millions of little children all over the world got up this morning, went about their affairs and arrived safely and they don't make the 6:00 news. it is about -- it is not the plans that take off shavely that reported but those that crash. in the news cycle today it seems
4:45 pm
overwhelming but there are millions of parents who will tuck their children in bed and say thank you lord, it will not get the press or the headlights but god has been good to millions of people around this world in obvious ways and for that, we say thank you. >>neil: do you share the notion that we have become more detached religiously and we don't pray in our schools, not as man pray, period, not saying this brings this on, but, in this detached religious world, we are focused on more of the secular worldly things and we don't think about god, we don't thing about higher things until we see horrible things. i don't know if that is so good. >>guest: well, to have a god centered life is a great thing and very important thing to have but that is one contribution among many contributions. the legal of civility in our
4:46 pm
country among the most distinguished people in our country has dropped to an all time low. anything goes today. while most people can fight for their opinion and keep it in guide lines of human respect and dignity we must always be cognizant that we don't want to be the match that light as fire in someone's emotion whose agrees with our views but takes it to a disrespectful level. i have been concerned about the way our country is going in terms of how we are so divided both divisions exacerbated and promoted and profited off of, at a time we need to be united. i welcome debate. but the disrespect that is shocking among the professionals has become reprehensible in cases like this and all of it is connected including our disrespect of god, our disrespect of family, our disrespect of each other, and we don't have to agree on everything but we do not have to
4:47 pm
be disagreeable as a civilization as we have become. >>neil: i had some experts who say we have to watch at the least want our more disagreeable or odd characters, scrutinize those whose behavior is outside the norm or just is different. how would god or how do you feel about that? >>guest: well, what this brings to mind is not only we need to have real conversations about mental health we are starting to have, i welcome the conversations this we are having about gun control but if we have that apart from human behaviors, we will not get there. guns don't shoot themselves. we have to ask, am i my where's keeper? in reality, we are, whether high brother is unstable, bipore particular or angry but do not polarize particular people and
4:48 pm
identify them, we must also understand that someone who with no mental health issues in the past can snap, working at the desk in -- next to you. it is incumbent upon us to want out for each other like we are doing and the love we sending to connecticut. we need to do that in times of trauma and hurricanes but to look across from desk to desk, against to fence, become more brotherly love and central if our interests rather than to be consumed with our own individual agendas. >>neil: thank you very much, bishop. >>guest: thank you and may god bless every bereaved family. uh...
4:49 pm
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>>neil: investigators are trying to put together what caused adam lanza to stop and are hoping to find answers from his own town. what do you hear, molly? >>reporter: a number of reports have come out. nancy atlanta's -- lanza's friend have given insight. a report is about a mediator that helped her and her husband with the 2009 divorce. according to this report, nancy lanza was concerned about leaving her son alone. the parents put a lot of time into the son, accommodating him and his special needs and that is the type of picture her friends painted today. she was a devoted mother that cared a lot about her son. as if the idea she was a gun
4:53 pm
enthusiast, they say that is true she had an interest but it was part of a hobby. listen to one of her friends. >> this is no from my viewpoint, no insight into, no indications that is what happened, ever. she talked about adam and it was very loving, and she was a devoted mother. >>reporter: their point was she was a devoted mother that cared about her son that had some trouble, clearly, but no one saw this coming and they did not believe she saw this coming and she never led them to believe he was violent. >>neil: not much talk about what the father did or didn't do or say or didn't say. >>reporter: a lot of the friends much nancy say she did not talk about her ex-husband but interesting insight from two
4:54 pm
friends was she was so devoted to her son she worked on getting him into college and would be willing to move from this community and to go to wherever it was he found a place to be educated. >>neil: amazing. now she is dead with so many others. molly line, in newtown, connecticut. on such a crazy day and a few days, when money stops talking, you know what happened in this small town is leaving silence that even now is deafening. this holiday, share everything.
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>>neil: trading on friday was very light and in this supposedly capitalist country, hearts were heavy and for a brief moment, today, it was silent. a moment silence speaks volumes when no one is speaking at all. when they are just watching. and thinking. and wondering. and in a place like wall street where money means everything, for a brief moment, it meant nothing. money powerless to bring back 20 lives, money useless to make so many devastated parents whole. money that could not buy one of them a happy christmas now. or even bring if a better new year. there are many things money cannot buy including peace of mind. the realization of that is the more humbling realities of all of this. that the things we scramble for
4:59 pm
in life and fight for in life and scratch and claw each other to gain an edge in life is so silly when we are dead and gone. and we thing more of the fragility of life and less of our "stuff" in life and we take a look at the little children just starting life and we think about this stuff even less. "stuff" doesn't matter. none of this is to say in the great capitalist society we don't hold our "stuff" tight but it is after moments like these, we hold our kids' hands a little tighter. we distinguish even on wall street, where they know prices, but, now and then they surprise us and appreciate what is price less.


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